Cough button for Rode Podcaster – MuteMyMic

I do some podcasting from time to time. Mostly, for the tutorial sessions. What I use for my equipment are ScreenFlow, and gorgeous Rode Podcaster. When it comes to software, I have chosen ScreelFlow because of it’s editing features. As for the microphone, I was struggling between Blue Yeti and Rode Podcaster. The last one won during testing phase. It was not sophisticated analysis. I simply took my laptop to DJ’s shop and made simple recording using both microphones. With Blue Yeti I could have heard keyboard strokes because the table was transmitting the noise to the mic. Podcaster haven’t had this issue. Anyway, I have decided for Rode’s Podcaster and I am fine with it. However, there was this small issue. In Mac OS X you don’t have direct access to microphone preferences. This is really, really painful as you have to go into System Preferences -> Sound -> Input just to adjust the microphone level. I know that there is Sound Source available but I wanted something more ascetic and more user friendly – a Mac OS X way. You know, one button mouse, not too many options, etc. That’s how MuteMyMic was born. I have tried to make it as simple as possible and as similar to Volume Control as it could be. I think both assumptions have been implemented just fine. You can find MuteMyMic here:

I hope you will enjoy it during podcasting sessions. There is a demo version so you can try before you buy.

By the way, there is a new feature available for the users – cough button. It works like this: press Ctrl+F5 and MuteMyMic will mute the mic as long as you keep it pressed (make sure to enable access for assistive devices)

System Preferences -> Universal Access -> [x] Enable access for assistive devices

This feature may trigger some issues as it requires different access to keyboard shortcuts comparing to regular hot-keys. Please, report any issues you have encountered so I can fix it in case you have problems.

And one, final note. It is Mountain Lion ready!

Happy podcasting.