Core Data iOS Essentials by B.M.Harwani

Summary: Core Data by example

Whenever you start to develop an application it is just a matter of time when you decide that you need to save some data. No matter what will it be – settings for the application, list of the groceries in your TODO application, score achieved by the player during the game or some images. In that case, Code Data comes in handy. Core Data provides developer with an abstraction layer between GUI and datastore (whether it will be a flat file or SQLite database).

Bintu Harwani tries to make this topic easier for the readers by providing the with the building process of the application that utilizes Core Data. At first, he goes over general, Core Data related, topics. He also presents target application that will be developed. Then, Objective-C content required for the application is explained – that is, protocols and Table View. After the indispensable introduction author jumps right into Core Data development.

I, personally, prefer Cookbook like books, where certain topics are discussed without being bound to a particular topic too much. In this book different approach is presented. You are presented development process. In order to get as much as possible out of it you have to follow it from the start to the end. I think this approach is quite good for beginners where examples are more valuable than pure theory. In this terms I think that book might be useful for the beginners indeed. However, there are few drawbacks.

First of all, book addresses iOS 3.0 while there is iOS 4.0 already heavily used and iOS 5.0 is already announced and ready for download for registered Apple iOS Developers. Basing on the XCode screen shoots I guess that XCode 3 was used instead of XCode 4. This may lead sometimes into confusion. You will see something different within book comparing to what you see on the screen. Another drawback is the way book is arranged. At least it is an issue for me. Within second chapter there is a section that describes applications behavior. This description goes over all the functionalities which is, for me, too detailed. I’d rather see just a brief description of application within section “Understanding Core Data” while at the same time I’d prefer to see details within chapters devoted to particular part of the application.

I think that book can help readers to go through the basics of Core Data. I wouldn’t recommend it for more advanced users that are looking for more sophisticated solutions within Core Data related area. But I think this is what title says. This book is about essentials, and in that case it is just fine.

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