Consuming Web Services on the iPhone by Michael Morrison

Summary: get “something” from the Web and utilize it within iPhone

When I started to watch this Video podcast I was confused at first. It looked like two guys discuss some demo application you could find plenty of over the Internet – but this was just a beginning. After short description of what we wanted to achieve, Michael jumped right into middle of battle field and showed viewers how to deal with different aspects of web service consumption. He went through most important topics: accessing particular URL, feeding application with data, parsing the XML response, utilizing the data within iPhone application.

There are few points worth mentioning regarding this video. First of all, Michael was very specific and pragmatic – there is no place for greenhorns. You have to be aware of XCode, Objective-C and programming using it when you are going to view this Video, however, if you know all that, and you are looking for answers to particular questions, this is the right place to get answers. Good point here is that Michael showed not only the method, he also pointed out how to use various tools and classes that might help you during Web services development: TouchXML, URL related classes, error handling, Snippet application.

As I mentioned – this Video is not a place for people who start their experience with iOS development. But this is good place for people looking answers for web related development questions.

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Consuming Web Services on the iPhone