Building Chromium on OS X

That’s my minimal scenario:

cd ~/bin
git clone
export PATH=`pwd`/depot_tools:"$PATH"
cd ~/opt
mkdir chromium
cd chromium/
~/bin/depot_tools/fetch --nohooks --no-history chromium
cd src
git checkout master
 'xcode_project_version=3.2', }" > chromium.gyp_env
~/bin/depot_tools/gclient sync
GYP_DEFINES=clang=1 build/gyp_chromium
~/bin/depot_tools/ninja -C out/Debug chrome

Of course, you can find details here:

As for the build process, it’s quite time consuming:

└─[~/opt/chromium/src] ~/bin/depot_tools/ninja -C out/Debug chrome
ninja: Entering directory `out/Debug'
[17146/17146] STAMP

After it is finished, you should be able to open Chromium

open ./out/Debug/

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 7.52.19 PM