Beware of bugs – they may kill your project :)

Recently, together with my son, we were playing Skylanders – Spyro’s adventure, to be precise. We have gone through all the levels, fought all the enemies and were on clear path to victory. The only enemy left was Kaos himself.

So far so good. If you have played Skylanders before, you are well aware of the final boss fight concept in that game. Simply put – completely stupid. You have to fight like 30 – 45 minutes to destroy last monster.

Anyway, we were brave :) But, there is one but. We were supposed to punch the Kaos for the very last time, his life bar was reduced to almost zero, and … game froze. Completely. No chance for any recovery.

Guess what. From the huge fan of the game and Skylanders concept, my son became antagonist. Game went on the shelf and probably it will take a long time before we get back to it.

And that’s the place for Quality Assurance in the games. I thing that apart from regular saves, it would be nice if you could have crash recovery checkpoints. This way, you could recover from the place were game crashed or just before that. Wouldn’t it be great?