Beautiful Code Edited by Andy Oram and Greg Wilson

Summary: get know how to code in elegant way

Andy and Greg collected quite impressive set of IT related essays and enclosed them within Beautiful Code. These are the texts that refer to various topics and treat them in a hard, engineering way. There is no place for humanity science like stuff. There is quite a loot of examples getting to bare bones of the problems.

During my studies I had to go through all these Kernighans, Ritchies, Knuths, Ahos, Petzolds, and so on. I don’t say I didn’t liked them however, Beautiful Code reminds me all these books some way. Each problem described is somehow intriguing and innovative while at the same time you can say – hey, I have read that already, somewhere. Don’t let me be misunderstood, I value the book, but for me, and for now, it’s not the best pick. Hawking wrote once: “Somebody told me, that each equation put into my book will reduce the number of sold copies by two – thus I have referred to just one”. Well, Beautiful Code has much, much more than one equation inside.

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