Android Open CONFERENCE by O’Reilly

Summary: feels like you are there

I am not Android developer, I focus on the iOS development instead. But there was one thing that bothered me. How much different Android world is from the iOS one. At first, this looks like an easy question, but devil is in the details. By choosing Android Open conference materials for review, the only thing I knew was that I wanted to become more familiar with this platform. And I did.

You can read my praise to O’Reilly’s Video materials in my other posts. Videos are simply superb. Guys are working hard to make them as good as possible. In fact, you simply feel like being there. However, when it comes to the lecture itself – it depends heavily on the speaker. Some of them are born to deliver presentations while some of them aren’t. Like with everything else in our lives. I will simply focus on guys that impressed me.

I really enjoyed Mark’s Murphy speech. At first, he sounds little bit dramatic but then, it gets better and better. Mark will tell you about different business models you can reach for. Really cool speech. Ken Jones, on the other hand, will guide you through the specifics of the Android development and will focus on practical matters. Really nice video. Eric Cloninger discusses quite interesting topic as well. Developing C/C++ applications using Eclipse. Which is quite useful because Eclipse is primary targeted at Java world.

In my opinion the material is really targeted at developers who want to get something more than simple cookbook like tutorials. Conference covered not only development related topics but touched business related issues as well. The only drawback is the price. It’s rather expensive and I would suggest getting your boos to buy it for you. Both of you will benefit, I am sure. Your boss, because you will be able to get quite a lot of knowledge in pleasant meaner, and you because you will learn few things for sure.

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