Android Application Testing Guide (e-book) giveaway

Today, well … this week, actually, I have something to giveaway. Thanks to Packt Publishing, I have two, 332 pages long, thrilling e-books to giveaway. I am talking here about Android Application Testing Guide. In order to get a chance to get one of these, you have to perform two steps:

1. Follow me at Twitter:!/mkowsiak
2. Write a comment below this post (two sentences are perfectly enough) – why do you think application testing is either good or bad.

As a name, provide your twitter account, so I can check that you follow me on twitter. Provide also your e-mail, so I can reach you if you win. NOTE! Your e-mail will be sent to Packt Publishing only in case you win the book.

If you prefer not to provide your e-mail, that’s perfectly fine with me, but I will ask for it in case you win, anyway.

I will schedule “lottery” for the next day after 10 comments will appear – best of luck :)

Unfortunately, only two people can win.

Drawing will be executed using R and some “fair” random generator – note, there must be at least 10 contesters in order to start the drawing. In case there are less then 10 people I will reschedule the drawing for next week.

Unfortunately, this time I can’t start drawing if there are less then 10 entires on the blog.

NOTE! In case you win you will be obligated to create an account at Packt Publishing with the same e-mail address as you have provided for a contest. Only two, winning, addresses will be passed to Packt Publishing.

Just 9 more comments needed for drawing to be started!

Comments (2)

anonymousOctober 14th, 2011 at 6:57 am

My sad first release of an Android app failed miserably because I forgot to test some silly functionalities that I supposed was available in every phone… Now, year and a half later, I still get bug reports on my new apps that I cannot reproduce because I don’t know how to set up the proper test environment. This book would really be a useful gift ;)

anonymousOctober 14th, 2011 at 7:02 am

Thanks for the comment.

The book discusses this issue because it leads reader from the very beginning till the place were you have working environment plus examples how to perform various tests: DB related, UI retailed, etc.