And Now for Something Completely Different – Ann Cotten “Homology, Myself”

You probably know that feeling when you link randomly placed elements and, at some point, something unexpected emerge. This is exactly the case I had with Ann Cotten.

So, it started with Gh+ broadcast by Grzegorz Hoffmann. At 8-th of December he was playing Mr. Oizo and some other stuff that was pretty cool. As I couldn’t find this particular episode I started to browse a little bit on Gh+ pages and I have found this piece of music: Tarwater – Homology Myself (link). You can also find it on iTunes if you like (link). To be honest, at first, I was sure the poem that was used as a lyrics was written by William Blake. The reason here was that way of performing it and the way of the composition resembles parts of the music you can find on Dead Man OST composed by Neil Young. My mistake. It turned out that I was plain wrong. The author of the poem was Ann Cotten. Once I had this one, I had to find the book and it must have contained the poem translated into english – I don’t speak german. After few tries I have eventually found the book: Ditchten= 10. To my surprise it turned out to be quite good collection of modern, german, poets (you should try it for yourself as well).

So, in my case, getting Ann’s poetry was something like this:






And, that’s all for something completely different for today :)

I have intentionally used homology in the mathematical sense. I couldn’t find Ann’s logo :)