An Introduction to Set Theory by C.J. Date


Summary: basics that escalates heavily at the end

If you haven’t heard about set theory and set algebra, you may consider this one as a good introduction. If you have graduated from mathematics or computer science, you already know it. This video targets people who are familiar with relational database but had no chance to get familiar with it’s background – relational model and set theory. From my perspective, this video is overpriced. I don’t judge here the quality of the video, but the content. You should be able to find all the information available in the video by simply googling for the set algebra.

Should you watch this one? Well, it depends. If you have no solid background in the set theory, I would suggest to get familiar with this branch of mathematics. Especially, if you are interested in relational model. If you simply query SQL database for some basic data and you don’t have to create well designed database model – don’t bother. If you think about watching some other C.J. Date’s videos related to relational model, this one can be a good start.

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O’Reilly (video): An Introduction to Set Theory