Learning iPhone Game Development with Cocos2D 3.0 by Kirill Muzykov


Summary: Good introduction to Cocos2D

This book is a good introduction to Cocos2D. What you get here is not only a discussion of API but also remarks on game development itself. There are lots of useful information regarding not only how to code stuff, but also how to deal with elements composing the game (graphics, sprites, physics, etc.).

All the samples are written in Objective-C – you need to know it, there is no introduction to Objective-C in the book. Of course, all the samples are available for download from Packt’s portal.

I think that best audience for this book are the people who want to get familiar with Cocos and have done some iPhone development already.

Side note. It should work fine with most recent XCode 6 and iPhone 6 simulator (take a look below):


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Packt: Learning iPhone Game Development with Cocos2D 3.0